Light Squad were at SIL – the main Real Estate event in Portugal developerr_lightsquad May 8, 2023

Light Squad were at SIL – the main Real Estate event in Portugal

It was last weekend, on the 6th and 7th of May, that Light Squad’s team travelled to Lisbon to attend the biggest real estate event in Portugal. Taking place between 4 and 7 May at the pavilions of the Lisbon International Fair (FIL), this event dedicated to exhibitions, opportunities, conferences and networking in real estate and Real Estate proved to be a range of opportunities to build relationships with potential partners for LS.

“Being present at an event of this dimension represents a unique opportunity for LS to build new relationships with brands and companies, as just the fact that they are here shows that they are open to new opportunities and new business - and that is exactly what we came here to seek.”



he weekend started early for our team. Saturday was the day to wake up early and go to Lisbon. Between buses and trains, the meeting point was set for FIL’s pavilion number 1, starting at 14:00 – the time pavilions’ doors opened. It was there that Light Squad’s journey at Lisbon’s Real Estate Fair began – the biggest national real estate meeting for companies dedicated to real estate, from developers, agencies, builders, consultants and tourism chains.

Our team, made up of Pedro Vasconcelos (video), José Lopes (photography) and Edgar Pinho (marketing), introduced themselves to the dozens of exhibitors in pavilion number 1, identifying Light Squad as an audiovisual consultancy company specializing in Hospitality Marketing in the context of Real Estate, which responds to all needs related to photography and video.

After some explanations on how LS works, the business cards were promptly exchanged, and the contacts duly registered in our database, so that we can now dedicate each of them with due importance and time.

After 2 hours of a lot of networking and a very positive feedback in the first pavilion, it was time for a slight coffee break before moving on to the second pavilion, where another event, “Tektónica” – International Construction Fair, also gathered the biggest and best companies related to the construction market, from home components companies, coverings, air conditioning, among many others.

Also present at this fair were companies applying for the Innovation Prize 2023, which distinguishes companies that invest in technological development and sustainability, and which ended up being awarded to 6 brands – all operating in different areas of the construction market.

It was also in this space that Light Squad saw the opportunity to create relationships with potential partners, having approached several brands in order to establish partnerships. Our experience of working with brands such as Omatapalo, Ascendi, BTrust, Cotton Moon, Silampos and the Architect Souto Moura himself proved fundamental to inspire confidence on the part of those who listened and received us.

At the end of the day, it was time to leave the capital and return to the north of the country. From now on, we will work on the contacts we have made, investing in them the time and work necessary to convert them into partners.

Overall, it was an experience that proved to be of great importance for LS and certainly rewarding in terms of future partnerships, which we are sure will result from this event.


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