Light Squad x Boavista FC – A partnership that promises not to end here developerr_lightsquad May 19, 2023

Light Squad x Boavista FC – A partnership that promises not to end here


On the eve of the 120th anniversary celebration of the club’s history (August 1st), Boavista launched a retro edition of its uniforms. Inspired by the past and focused on its origins, this equipment will also be used as the third equipment throughout the next season. Light Squad was responsible for the audiovisual production of the event, which was divided in 3 moments – a first Teaser, the Official Video and a Behind The Scenes. All contents registered high levels of acceptance from the public – both from Boavista and LS – in what was a real journey to the origins of the club.

“This collaboration between 2 great teams could only have this result. We have worked with several agencies of this kind but Light Squad clearly stood out.”



t all started with a first contact between Edgar Pinho (Light Squad) and Pedro Costa (Boavista FC), at the beginning of April. There, the intention of the club to communicate a differentiated content that involved the presentation of the commemorative equipment of the 120 years of history was transmitted.

The initial briefing was then presented to the Light Squad where aspects such as:

  • Timing – When the shooting could/should happen and when the content had to be ready to communicate. This aspect is one of the most important for work of this kind, as it allows these dates and timings to be flagged up in Light Squad’s internal calendar so that there is no overlap of projects.

  • Goal – To understand the purpose of the content. If they would be used to promote only the equipment, to give focus to the players, if there was a commercial aspect (selling) or if the focus would be more directed to create a trip to the origins of the club.

  • Place – Study the various possibilities of locations, whose process may (or may not) be the responsibility of Light Squad in projects of this kind. In this case, the choice of Casa Museu Fernando de Castro and the respective booking was made entirely by Boavista FC, so Light Squad only had to travel to the location a few days before the filming, so we could proceed with the filming.


Once the briefing was done, it was time to give wings to imagination and creativity in order to assemble the script and build the storyboard. In order to meet the club’s goal – transmit classic values in a refined space – making a kind of “time travel”, our team immediately projected that the final result would be a story of the current players in a historical context, where the use of classic props such as the museum’s football and the classic beret would be the perfect condiments for the culmination that was the unveiling of the new equipment.

Already in May, and after the dates and space for the filming had been set, our team visited – together with the people responsible for Boavista FC – the Casa Museu Fernando de Castro, in order to survey its compartments, to record the places with a power source, and to better understand what could be removable or not, and above all, to feel the space as a whole, so that we could imagine (or not) the practical representation of what we had idealized from a distance. The impact could not have been more positive – the space not only matched everything that had been conveyed to us by club officials, but even exceeded all the photographs that had been sent to us.

The “Filming Day” was on May 15, where the Light Squad team went to the venue again to prepare everything that would allow the 4 players involved to spend as little time as possible in recording. The organization was such and the ease of those responsible for the Museum House was so great that the process flowed better than expected. Between the arrival of the players, filming of dozens of shots distributed in more than 30 different scenes, less than 3 hours passed.

Once the contents were captured, it was time to edit them. For the editing process, it helped that there was already a storyboard previously defined, even before the beginning of the recordings. One of the indications that existed concerned the music, which had to be classical, set to the strings of a violin. The process was relatively quick, since the creative process had been previously defined and the final result was already idealized by our team. 

The color grading and sound design gave the final touch. Our team opted for a more vintage grading, and to take advantage of the light of the place. The sound design merges football sounds, music and ambient sound.

The final result is there for all to see – on social networks, in the media and in sports newspapers. And it was undoubtedly one of the projects that gave our squad the most pleasure to carry out and produce. We wish Boavista FC the greatest sporting success, in the certainty that this was only the first of several projects that united the club and the Light Squad.