Light Squad was present at the XXXII Edition of Kakygaia developerr_lightsquad February 24, 2023

Light Squad was present at the XXXII Edition of Kakygaia

Last December, the XXXII edition of the Kakygaia took place – one of the biggest International Women’s Handball Tournaments. Between last December 26th and 30th, more than 50 teams and 1000 athletes from various parts of Portugal and Spain gathered in Vila Nova de Gaia, in what was the culmination of a great year for the sport in general and for women’s handball in particular – in what is an increasingly generational event.

More than the weight of being the XXXII edition of the tournament, this year’s event had the responsibility of marking the return after a 2-year break due to the pandemic – the last edition having been held in 2019. Thus, the best in the sport were thus able to reunite after 2 years without doing so.

The act of filming the best teams requires the best team as well, and for that reason Light Squad was present at the event as responsible for media coverage, and the experience couldn’t have gone better: Between opening ceremonies, conferences, interviews and (many) games, there were several moments captured by Light Squad’s lenses, eternalized in photography and videos – all available in our projects portfolio.

“This tournament is important for the younger athletes because of the experiences that are shared here between generations, which allow them to experience and anticipate situations.”

JOSÉ ANTÓNIO SILVA | Women's A Handball National Coach


he tournament was attended by high representatives of the national sport and of the Vila Nova de Gaia city council. The national coach José António Silva was one of the first to speak to the press following the conference on the influence of parenthood in sport, where he stressed the importance of the existence of “a generational tournament, which provides an exchange of experiences between established athletes and others in the process of training”.

The Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia – Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues – stressed the importance that the tournament already has in the municipality’s sports scene, which already looks to the event as “a tradition”. The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Correia, was also present at this first conference mediated by the TV host Jorge Gabriel – who also sponsored the event – and stated that “this tournament allows important reflections to be made about the present and the future of sports and the sport”.

After the cycle of conferences at the Parque Biológico de Gaia, the destination was the Pavilhão da Lavandeira, where over 50 teams competed against each other. There were dozens and dozens of games between the most varied classes over five days, culminating in the long-awaited Final match that pitted SL Benfica against the Under-19 National Team – with the Lisbon club winning – in a match where companionship, fair-play and the exchange of experiences prevailed over whatever the final result might have been.

It was the way to close the year with a golden key regarding projects with Light Squad signature, in what was another example of successful partnership between agencies Buzzer and Light Squad. While the teams got back on track for their respective championships after the turn of the year, on this side we are already thinking only about the 2023 edition.

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