Interview with the Founder and CEO of Light Squad developerr_lightsquad February 3, 2023

Interview with the Founder and CEO of Light Squad

Interview with Pedro Vasconcelos, founder and CEO of Light Squad – the audiovisual consultancy that promises to revolutionize the promotion of tourism / hotels in Portugal

Caroline (Interviewer)- Pedro, how was the decision to open Light Squad?

Pedro Vasconcelos – The Light Squad was born with the goal of generating revenue for our clients through the power of the content of our images, both in terms of photography, video, and also social network management based on structured campaigns, campaigns with objective and targeted to the target audience. The Light Squad was created in 2020, in a pre-pandemic moment, when I was a freelancer and I couldn’t handle the amount of work I was being asked to do, and I decided to use the know-how I already had in the area to join who I considered to be the best professionals in each field: a photographer, a videographer, a social network manager, a graphic animator, a copywriter… and from there we started to get together more and more in each project, until we came up with the idea of creating a brand, Light Squad.

C- Why do you believe in Light Squad?

P- I believe in our business because I constantly receive positive billing feedback from our customers. It is these clients that make us continue to believe that the project is viable, as well as the experience and all the know-how of the Light Squad team, which makes me believe more and more that we are the best in what we do, not only nationally but also internationally.

“We started this company with the desire to generate revenue for our customers through the power of our content”



hat is Light Squad’s goal in the medium and long term?

The goal is to continue helping companies to grow, to help new companies and new entrepreneurs who need support in audiovisual consultancy, and consequently to continue our internationalization. We want to expand even more our range of clients abroad.

C- Does Light Squad have a specific niche in the market?

Initially we started out as a 360 company, dedicated to content creation, but also to content management, as well as website creation and other projects in the IT universe. At this moment, given the versatility of the audiovisual panorama, we continue to work with any type of client that requests us, but we have divided Light Squad into two formats: Light Squad Corportate, and Light Squad Entertainment. The latter is dedicated to projects such as festivals, weddings, anything that has an inherent entertainment aspect to the project. Light Squad Corporate is dedicated to institutional, corporate, and real estate videos, which is the area in which we are effectively betting all our chips, and it is an area in which we feel there is a big gap here in Portugal in this niche market. More and more the internet is the number 1 tool for buying a house, or in the hotel market for choosing the next vacation stay, and this is where Light Squad comes in: We feel that we directly influence the consumer’s choice, to resort to a certain property or accommodation, through the exclusive and highly professional content of our images. 

C- Pedro, thank you very much. In closing, can you give us two success stories of Light Squad’s clients?

Yes, several cases. At this moment I remember two success stories, curiously both in the real estate universe. We are talking about a real estate agent who approached us about two years ago, and another one, a local accommodation. In both cases, social networks were almost non-existent at the time, and we started managing both. The content was either cell phone content or very amateurish. Light Squad entered the lives of these clients, who today are brand partners, loyal to us and vice-versa. We work daily with them and we want clients like that.