Elrow 2023 – A Kaos Garden kept under lock and key by Light Squad developerr_lightsquad February 20, 2023

Elrow 2023 – A Kaos Garden kept under lock and key by Light Squad

On the last Saturday, 18th February, the Portuguese edition of the international Elrow Festival took place, which once again sponsored the city of Lisbon as host of its “Kaos Garden”. In what is one of the world’s most famous themed festivals, Carnival was the chosen theme for the return to Portugal – the last edition held in the country had been in 2020 – and it couldn’t have gone better.

As happened in the pre-pandemic edition, Light Squad was present at the event to cover it. And if in the 2020 edition – which celebrated the Chinese New Year – the experience was spectacular, this year’s was simply outstanding. Between the explosion of colors, the original costumes and the musical explosion of the DJs that performed there, the night of the 18th will remain in everyone’s memory and can only be described by those who were there.

“After the success of the work on the 2020 edition, we knew that this partnership between Elrow and Light Squad had a guaranteed success stamp in 2023.”



he night started with the portuguese artist Klin Klop who opened the dance floor with her single “New Moon” and the “Mujeres” remix, which prevented anyone from standing still while listening to it. The performance was followed by Nicolas Caprile, Peruvian DJ and producer resident at Elrow. The world-famous Melanie Ribbe performed next and conquered the audience with “Dream for Days” and “Wild Life”.

However, the moment of the night was undoubtedly Claptone‘s performance – the masked DJ whose real face nobody has ever seen – who presented his famous bird beak mask. It was the highlight of an electrifying and fun night for all who were there, but those who thought that the performances stopped there should not be deceived. After the main performance, it was the consecrated Wade‘s turn to take the stage – in a fantastic way (!) – leaving the audience in a state of complete ecstasy, in what turned out to be one of the performances of the night.

The challenge of closing the festival with a golden key was left to the Catalan George Privatti – also a resident DJ at the festival – and was perfectly fulfilled to the sound of the hits “What a Bam” and “The Sonic Busters”.

This was the 2023 edition of Elrow Festival – a long-heralded success, with the Light Squad image guarantee seal.