The Importance of Photography for Hotels developerr_lightsquad January 26, 2023

The Importance of Photography for Hotels

There’s no doubt about the importance of photography for a hotel – being an international or a village-level one. A good hotel photography can be used on its website, social media, digital and physical advertising and in every single form of media. It is the key to a successful hotel business. The image hotels show to their potential customers can be a decisive factor to make a guest choose between hotel A or hotel B. The way you present yourself can impact a guests’ decision making and having a quality picture of your hotel can either drive your guests away, or towards your hotel business.

Following its definition, Photography is one of the mediums in communication. Instead of texts, it communicates through images. In the Hospitality sector, it’s used for hotels and brands to communicate and present their identity, services and products. It is usually used in digital marketing, social media and websites in order to increase a business’s online visibility. This kind of exposure creates engagement – and originates leads from all kinds of customers.

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”



If a hotel has a good and professional photography, it will set a very good first impression for its guests. A quality photo will establish the way you want your hotel to be presented to the public. This first impression is important because it will be the way your guests will remember you. Also, because “there’s no second chance to make a first good impression”, which only takes 7 seconds to make. So, if a good first impression gives your customers a positive feeling about the hotel, on the other hand a bad one can do the exact opposite.



If your brand has a visually attractive photography, being able to tell a story will attract more guests to it. A photo professionally edited – with filters or colors easily associated to your brand – will become more attractive to look at, and here are some facts: More than 50% of human brain is involved with visual information; Around 75% of our subconscious judgements about an image first-look is based on its colors. Hence a professionally edited image is extremely important in case you want to attract more guests and become their first choice the very first time they see your hotel photo.



Professional photos can be used not only in digital marketing, but also to convert that digital activity into real life conversions – leads – meaning that as a hotel, you can easily turn a good professional photography into direct bookings. Around 65% of people are visual learners, meaning that a quality photo will lead them to make a decision in your brand’s direction, and that’s why photography is so important if you want to convert advertisements into direct bookings.



A quality image will reflect the quality of your brand and identity. A quality image will show your customers that you care about your business and that is exactly why you invested in good photography. In professional photography, you can decide the kind of brand and the way you want to be presented. You can manage the way you want to be perceived more freely and communicate to your clients about your values and identity. A quality photograph will make you unique and improve your brand image as a whole.



Quality images are good for marketing because it grabs attention and increases engagement. When clients see a good image, they are more likely to engage with it, meaning that they are more likely to share it, comment on it, etc. Posts with images receive around 40% more shares than posts without images. Thus, why a quality image is so important, because as humans we are extremely visual creatures. The more engagement you have with your clients, the more people know about you, and the more likely they are going to book with you directly.

Source: webconnection.asia